Shipyard Golf Club

Shipyard Golf Club is made up of three nine hole courses, all unique in their own way. While Shipyard’s layout won’t blow you away like some of the other courses on the island, it serves its purpose as a fun track made for golfers of all skill levels. The Galleon and the Clipper courses are original to Shipyard and designed by George W. Cobb, while the newer Brigantine was designed by Willard C. Byrd. The Clipper course is said to be the most difficult of the three, has long fairways lined with towering oaks. The Galleon has a similar layout but a bit easier, more open and a tad bit shorter. My favorite course is the Brigantine. While some say this is the easiest of the three because it is the shortest, the Brigantine requires the most accuracy and shot making. It features more twists and turns than the Clipper and Galleon with more water in play. The conditions of Shipyard are solid, especially for November. The individual I played with said that the conditions were fairly similar to what you see in the summer, outside of the typical dormant Bermuda conditions in the winter. There were some spotty areas, especially around bunkers, not abnormal for a course that gets as much play as Shipyard does. The Diamond Zoysia greens rolled well and true, and are perfect for year round golf in the Lowcountry. The bunkers are in decent condition but not too challenging. Practice areas are sufficient but definitely lacking compared to other Lowcountry courses. Winter rates are a steal but the summer rates are on par with other courses when they should be cheaper, while Shipyard’s replay rate is very competitive. Shipyard is the perfect place for a golf outing, warm up round, or for a non serious player desiring to play a nice round on the easiest course in Hilton Head.

Course Rating: 5.8/10

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